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Seven classes, one for each of the constellations in the direction of the Dragon.

1: Horn
Monkey Princess, Silver Shade (PC), God-Slayer, Inauspicious Ebon Spirit.

2: Neck
Iron Sun Radiant, Howl of the Righteous Storm (PC), Black Mirage, Grey Winters, Twinkling Star Radiant.

3: Root
Emerald Spring, Crimson Flash, Strong Ox, Silk Dragon, Echo White.

4: Chamber
Torrent of Serenity (PC), Blossoming Devil-Flower, Claw of the Righteous Storm, Fate, Di Yu Warden.

5: Heart
Princess Magnificent, Black Oasis, Fourth Bloodless, Gold Ting.

6: Tail
Jinx, Ju-Ju, Ivory Waterfall.

7: Basket
Blaze the Mighty, Cobra Dalini, The New Challengers.

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