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Blossoming Devil-Flower
Aliases: Heartless Devil-Flower, The Evil Dragon, Crippled Dragon
Virtues: Mostly Selfish
Affiliation: Jade Dragon School
Daily Life: Unemployed

Archetype: Priest, D-Rank
External: Graceful Crane Style
Internal: Removing Concepts
Legacy : Startling Damnation

The Devil-Flower is a master of curses, which she liberally uses against anything that stands in her way. Recently in a fight against Thrice-Radiant Ping she suffered a catastrophic injury that resulted in paralyzed legs. It's not yet known how she'll recover from this.

Jinx is a cousin of hers. She shares a dorm room with Emerald Spring. Theme song: WAVE - Guilty or not Guilty Theme song 2: Street Sweeper Social Club - 100 Little Curses

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