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Aliases: The White Dragon, White Murder Sage
Virtues: Selfish Affiliation: Jade Dragon School, Murder Sages
Daily Life: Assassin for hire. Member of the student council.

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank
External: Fierce Tiger Style, Murderous Shadows
Internal: Fox-Spirit Song Legacy : Startling Damnation

The ghostly white Jinx is a member of the Murder Sages, an organization of assassins noted for their preference for using modern firearms. She's a somewhat cruel gunbunny who gets her thrills out of shooting people to death - not the most endearing of character traits.

Blossoming Devil-Flower is a cousin of hers. While on holiday in America, Jinx met and briefly fought with a girl who somehow ended up becoming her disciple, now known as Ju-Ju.

She shares a dorm room with Di Yu Warden. Theme song: She - A Gentle Breeze

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