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Aliases: Smiling Murder Sage
Virtues: Selfish
Affiliation: Jade Dragon School, Murder Sages
Daily Life: Assassin for hire, cruising the Internet

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank
External: Ravenous Wings, Murderous Shadows
Internal: Nine Sun Birds
Legacy : None

Ju-Ju is an American gunslinger who met Jinx at a firearms convention. The two got into an argument about whether or not cultivated chi was a requirement for professional hired guns and they resolved their differences through a sniper duel. Ju-Ju lost the duel and also one of her eyes, but recovered quickly and followed Jinx back to Shen Zhou City to learn the ways of the Murder Sages.

Ju-Ju has a smartphone with apps for nearly any imaginable scenario but she's been known to get quite upset in the rare situations when she lacks apps for the situation at hand. She likes sweets and acts slightly too immature for someone of her age and job description. But sometimes she'll briefly fall out of character one can see that underneath it all, she's far less pleasant than she pretends to be.

She shares a dorm room with Monkey Princess. Theme song: She - Supersonic

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