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The Murder Sages

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  4. Jinx
  5. Minx
  6. Onyx
  7. Vex


When modern firearms were introduced to Shen Zhou City, most martial artists refused to have anything to do with them. But one man, now known mainly under his title of Murder Sage, embraced this weapon and developed a new fighting style of assassination around them.

The Murder Sages today still practice that style, killing for money with the assistance of the most cutting edge technology they can get their hands on.


This young woman is the most driven and most accomplished of all the Murder Sages of her generation. She seeks revenge for something terrible that happened years ago. Until she has her vengeance she will let her hair grow uncut and spends every waking moment on improving herself. alt text not provided Theme song: Sabrepulse - First Crush

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She is the wilderness and camouflage expert of the Murder Sages, hunting down targets who believe they can find safety outside the city. alt text not provided Theme song: FantomenK - Taking a Nap in the Jungle

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A fairly typical example of a Murder Sage. She's a student at the Jade Dragon School where she oversees the training of Ju-Ju, an aspiring Murder Sage. alt text not provided Theme song: She - A Gentle Breeze

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The most recent addition to the Murder Sages. She's taking it all in good fun and maintains a fairly relaxed, girly attitude. Considering all the wetwork she does, she must be stone-cold. alt text not provided Theme song: 047 (feat. Lisa Pedersen) - Everything's Fine

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An expert in night-time missions, breaching fortified locations, and other methods of assault upon entrenched targets. alt text not provided Theme song: FantomenK - The Massacre

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She's more of a private investigator than a real assassin, snooping and sleuthing to track down people. She's also a good friend of Jinx. alt text not provided Theme song: She - Make Me Real

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