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Monkey Princess Aliases : The Irreverent Dragon, the Jade Queen, Power in the West, Mei Houwang
Virtues: Mixed
Affiliation: Jade Dragon School
Daily Life: Unemployed and happy with it. Being the strongest of Class One technically puts her on the student council, but she neglects those duties entirely.

Archetype : Warrior, C-Rank
External : Eight Legends, Monkey Stick
Internal : Jade Monkey Transformations, Solar Monkey Transformations, Golden Monkey Transformations, Iron monkey Transformations, Silver Monkey Transformations, Three Kings
Legacy : Second to Buddha, a unique power that implies that Monkey Princess has no equal within the mortal world.

The handsome Monkey Princess is somehow related to the mythical Monkey King, although most people really have no idea how or why. Nevertheless she does resemble that figure very much - she is without a doubt the most powerful fighter of the Jade Dragon students, and possibly even of the entire eastern district. But she also tends to be lazy, needlessly violent, overly full of herself, and rude. In truth she could very well become the undisputed strongest of her generation, but she puts too little effort into her training to get that far.

Monkey shares a dorm room with Ju-Ju and the two simply tolerate one another. Her best friend is Iron Sun Radiant, who always tries to be a positive influence on Monkey. So far with limited success.

alt text not provided Theme song: Andrew W.K. - Party Hard

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