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Iron Sun Radiant
Aliases: The Hidden Dragon, Typhoon Dragon Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School, Radiant Clan Daily Life: Member of the student council

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank External: Celestial Glory, Flying Red Silk Internal: Unstained Lotus Mastery, Jade Spirit Sword Legacy : Reborn Radiant Emperor

When the Qing Dynasty fell their bloodline Legacy split up into three separate lineages - a sure sign that Heaven had withdrawn its support. One such lineage became the Phoenix Clan, another the Yin Bloodless Clan, and finally the Radiant Clan. Iron Sun Radiant is, along with her younger sister Twinkling Star Radiant, a scion of the latter.

Iron Sun's life took an unexpected turn at the age of five when the Phoenix and Radiant clans met. A young girl of the other clan, Hundred Phoenix Feathers, showed off her budding Divine Flames skills and accidentally immolated the young Iron Sun. Although she survived due to the quick actions of some servants she did end up with extensive scarring all over her body and the two have remained awkward frenemies ever since.

As she grew up a frustrated and angry young woman, Iron Sun took up the name Typhoon Dragon and took to a life of banditry together with fellow delinquents Tempest Fairy and Hurricane, hoping that she could rob together the cash to pay for the expensive surgery to restore her appearance.

The three were defeated by the wandering Master Calm who showed them the error of their ways. The larcenous trio went their separate ways and Iron Sun joined the Jade Dragon school, where she became the best friend of Monkey Princess.

She managed to get the reconstructive surgery she needed thanks to a generous donation from Old Lady Sparrow. But it seems there were some strings attached, as Iron Sun Radiant was told to awaken her dormant Legacy, which required it to be "ignited" by the powers of Yin Bloodless and Phoenix Clan members of comparable power.

She shares a dorm room with Howl of the Righteous Storm.

alt text not provided Theme song: Hybrid - Heart's Desire

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