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Cobra Dalini
Virtues: Selfish Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: School nurse

Archetype: Doctor, D-Rank External: Flowing Universe Internal: Thousand Venoms Legacy : None

Cobra Dalini is the childhood friend of Silver Shade. Her family was bound to his as servants, guards, and healers. Her family originally hailed from India, but centuries of living in China has diluted the Dalini heritage into non-existence.

She is a medic with a a fondness of using snake venom to prepare potions and ointments. They're typically extraordinarily uncomfortable to use but they get the job done. She owns lots of snakes of various species to milk for their venom. She also thinks they make rather cute pets.

She shares a dorm room with Blaze the Mighty.

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alt text not provided Theme song: Henry Rollins - Liar

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