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Silk Dragon
Virtues: Benevolent
Affiliation: Jade Dragon School
Daily Life: Wandering Hero

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank
External: Dragon Style, Flowing Lunar Shadow, Veiled Steel
Internal: Dragon's Roar
Legacy : Dragon-Arm

Silk Dragon used to be a student of the Master Heaven and Earth school until that school was defeated and she was claimed as spoils of war. Her name refers to her hair, which apparently is very smooth and soft, as well as her tattoo.

She is the descendant of a noble hero who saw a dragon under attack by a heretical cult master. The hero leaped to its defense but lost his arm in the battle. Grateful, the dragon tore off its own arm and gave it to the hero to replace his own. Silk Dragon's right arm is enormously strong, much more so than the rest of her body, and also nearly impervious to harm. (How she managed to have it tattooed is a mystery.)

She shares a dorm room with Grey Winters.

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