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Master Heaven and Earth is an old and respected member of the martial arts community. He has set up a school a few years ago intended to teach only to the absolute elite, people born with inherent advantages, bloodlines, and enormous talent that sets them apart from the gross of the population. If you're not born into the top 1% in terms of martial talent, he has no interest in you. No room for lesser legends.

The school itself is a small converted mansion that houses only two classrooms. The 'Heaven' class focuses on esoteric, internal techniques. The 'Earth' class focuses on more visceral, external techniques. Each class has less than two dozen students, making it the smallest martial school in the city.

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The burning of books and burying of scholars was a period in the Qin dynasty where certain types of knowledge were outlawed and stamped out. Buries-Scholars descends from a brutally efficient soldiers from those times. Consequently she can take a piece of writing that describes a piece of human behavior and make that action forbidden to one single target for as long as they remain in her presence. Such actions might be composing poetry, doing mathematics, or using a phone, but it couldn't be things like jumping or fighting, because those aren't strictly human activities. Ironically, reading is one of her favorite hobbies. alt text not provided

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While plenty of people are born with a unique bloodline ability, Parasite has none or possibly all of them - she can temporarily copy the bloodlines of others. She might not always be equally proficient with these abilities though, as was shown when she once tried to copy Fate's ability to see through time but couldn't handle the confusing images. alt text not provided

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Yang the Immortal

As his nickname implies, Yang's special ability allows him to take phenomenal injuries without slowing down. He can still feel pain and in theory he can even die, but he earned his nickname when he was quite literally thrown in front of a speeding train. Although he took heavy injuries from that he still could walk away under his own power, which made people speculate that he might be immortal.

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