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Grey Winters
Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: Relentless training

Archetype: Warrior, C-Rank External: Eight Directions Wind Mastery, Grey Winter Gloom, Tornado Sword Style Internal: Tian-Mu's Lightning Legacy : None

Grey Winters is a student of Old Sky Lord, just like Emerald Spring. The two have been intense rivals for many years and their mutual dislike seems to run deep. She was recruited by the Jade Dragon just shortly before the war with the Black Crane school. Despite her recent addition she's become fairly popular as a skilled and patient mentor to many lower ranked Jade Dragon students.

She shares a dorm room with Silk Dragon, although she used to have it all to herself and wishes she could go back to those days.

alt text not provided Theme Song: Disaster: Day of Crisis main theme

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