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Fourth Bloodless >>{{image url="" title="Fourth Bloodless"}}>> Aliases: The Snow Dragon
Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School, Yin Bloodless Clan Daily Life: Head of a martial clan

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank External: Divine Pattern Long-Strokes Internal: Ice Sutra Legacy : Reborn Bloodless Maiden

When the Qing Dynasty fell their bloodline Legacy split up into three separate lineages - a sure sign that Heaven had withdrawn its support. One such lineage became the Phoenix Clan, another the Radiant Clan, and finally the Yin Bloodless Clan. Members of this clan only very rarely express their Reborn Bloodless Maiden Legacy. So rarely in fact that this girl is only the fourth one in a hundred years.

As a result of her Legacy she is suffused with yin energies, unfortunately making her anemic and always cold to the touch. But it also gave her great reserves of hidden power. In terms of chi she is possibly unmatched by anyone of her generation.

She shared a dorm room with Broken Hare.

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