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Broken Hare >>{{image url="" title="Broken Hare"}}>> Aliases: Bloody Stupid Hare, Crippled Hare
Virtues: Chivalrous, but with a high Obsession score Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: Unemployed, single (possibly has a thing for Strong Ox)

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank External: Storm God's Fury Internal: Removing Concepts, Dreaming World Mind Legacy : None

Broken Hare was once also called "the Daring Hare", because she uses a very dangerous fighting style. It's highly offense, quickly dodging attacks with only the most minimal distance possible to keep most focus on attacking. For a few months this was an impressive display that earned her much respect from her peers. But then one day the gamble didn't pay off and she lost an eye in battle against Scarlet Tiger students.

She recovered and proudly took up the blade again just a week later, but her lack of depth perception led to an even greater mistake and she lost an arm in another disastrous fight.

Because she learned her style from her beloved grandfather and is convinced she can still become a master of kung fu with a bit more practice, she still keeps on fighting. Most people gave up on her and wondered what part of her body she'll lose next...

She sadly died in the war against the Black Crane.

She shared a dorm room with Fourth Bloodless.

alt text not provided Theme song: Donkeyboy - Ambitions