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Scarlet Tiger School

To the west lie the Tiger Fields, wide open grasslands and gentle hills upon which nobody may build any structure of significant size. The Scarlet Tiger School won't allow it. They like to see for miles around and make sure nobody is sneaking up on them.

The Tigers are a passionate bunch. They are quick to laugh, quick to anger, and sometimes even quick to forgive. They spend a lot of time on sports and special events but most of all on fighting others. The Tigers just love to throw their weight around and remind everybody who rules the west.

As with all the major schools they have seven classes, each named after one of the constellations in their respective direction. Each class establishes their own strongest student, who becomes class representative. Together these seven strongest become the school's student council.

The classes and their most notable students are as follows.

1: Legs Hundred Phoenix Feathers, Little Liu Bei

2: Bond Iron Shadow Warlord, Scarlet Tiger Princess

3: Stomach Mako, Unfurling Lotus

4: Manes Scarlet Tiger Prince, The End

5: Net Owl, Nightmare Spring

6: Turtle Beak Arctic Smile

7: Three Stars Limitless Seven, Iron Sage, Lunar Song

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