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Scarlet Tiger class 1: Legs

Hundred Phoenix Feathers

She is the undisputed strongest amongst all the Scarlet Tigers, due to her mastery of All-Illuminating Moonlight spear-play, her mastery of Divine Flames, and her family bloodline that grants her heightened control over the five elements.

Her own Phoenix clan, the Radiant Yang clan, and the Yin Bloodless clan are share a common heritage so it should be no surprise that she's known Iron Sun Radiant and Fourth Bloodless from a very young age. An accident that happened in the past soured the relationship between Hundred Phoenix Feathers and Iron Sun Radiant, but things seem to be going better lately. Last year, Hundred Phoenix Feathers briefly dated Howl of the Righteous Storm.

Also known as the Fire Tiger, Power in the West, and the Scarlet Queen. alt text not provided

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Little Liu Bei

The historical figure Liu Bei still serves even to this day as the image of an ideal leader. The young woman who is often compared to him has the potential to become such a ruler as well, but she ended up in the same classroom as arguably the most powerful warrior in the western district. Deprived of any chance to reach a position of leadership amongst the Scarlet Tigers, it remains to be seen if the Little Liu Bei can ever live up to her name.

Or at least, so it would appear from a casual glance. Those who know where to look can notice that the Scarlet Tigers enjoy extraordinarily good relationships with all of their neighboring gangs, mercenaries, individual fighters, and lesser schools. Diplomacy has never been a strong suit of the Scarlet Tigers in the past but ever since Little Liu Bei joined, alliances are springing up everywhere... alt text not provided

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