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Scarlet Tiger class 2: Bond

Iron Shadow Warlord XVIII

Far to the south-west lies the Iron Shadow Fortress, where the 17th Iron Shadow Warlord hatches his schemes and grows his armies. But of course while he may one day overthrow the emperor, meanwhile his daughter requires a good education so that she grows worthy of becoming the 18th Iron Shadow Warlord (or, hopefully, the Iron Shadow Empress).

Truth be told, her martial skills are decent when compared to most fighters, but for one on the student council she's only moderately skilled. She is also only moderately skilled at being a doctor, moderately skilled at being a doaist, moderately skilled as a tactician, moderately good with Lightfoot-techniques, moderately well-spoken, and moderately educated in all manner of skills and courses.

In other words, she might not excel at any one thing, but there's also nothing she can't do.

Also known as the Omnipotent Tiger. alt text not provided

Scarlet Tiger Princess

She is the older sister of the Scarlet Tiger Prince. Although he is a year younger than she is, their father still decided that he will be the one to inherit the school, not her. The Scarlet Tiger clan is very traditional and masculine-oriented that way, their father said he couldn't face their ancestors if he let a girl assume the role of clan leader. The Prince and Princess both realize that's an unfair situation since her talent equaled his own, but he is the one who received their family's secret training. Although equals at birth, by now it is true that he's the more powerful warrior.

Fortunately the Scarlet Tiger Princess doesn't mind too much. She knows her brother is caught in a web of filial obligations while she enjoys far greater freedom than he can ever know. Life might not be fair, but it remains to be seen if she really got the worst end of the deal. alt text not provided

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