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Scarlet Tiger class 3: Stomach


She is the daughter of a prominent pirate king who terrorizes the southern seas. Not the jolly kind of pirates who drink rum and sing shanties either - no, the kind of pirates who take hostages for ransom and attack oil rigs and the like. To Mako, studying on the mainland is like being sent away to a foreign country. All the local politics are of no concern to her because she plans to move back home once she's done here. Her "Water-Splashing Palm" is a dreaded style that sends shocks through the bloodstream and can even momentarily reverse the flow, causing internal bruises and ruptures as the vessels strain and burst.

Also known as the Tiger Shark. alt text not provided

Unfurling Lotus

The ambitious and serious Lotus had every intention of becoming one of the Tiger student council. But she had the misfortune of being placed in a class with a monstrous shark-girl who doesn't bow her head to anyone, and whose family style proved well suited to countering her own.

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