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Scarlet Tiger class 4: Manes

Scarlet Tiger Prince

He is the son of the current headmaster of the Scarlet Tiger school and stands to inherit his position many years from now, even though his sister Scarlet Tiger Princess is a year older than he is. From a very young age his father took him to the jungles of Bharat City where the boy had to survive by himself, being allowed to eat and drink nothing but the hearts and blood of wild tigers. Doing so has drastically increased his inner yang-energies.

Scarlet Tiger Prince knows what real hardship looks like and he treats his life in the city as one big luxurious vacation. He loves cars, women, and parties, not necessarily in that order. His father told him that he's supposed to marry the Lantern Saint one day but he might just disobey his father on this score.

Also known as the Royal Tiger and the Scarlet King. alt text not provided

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The End

She is a very recent addition to the Scarlet Tiger school. She has the ability to copy other's moves with 120% efficiency, extrapolating their styles and improving upon them. This also happens to give her a deeper understanding of the people she copies, immediately feeling a bond bordering somewhat on kinship and love. Strictly speaking she doesn't win a lot of fights but she does manage to make a lot of friends. Her name is the same one as her ability, once said to be an ultimate force that could be the final answer to any and all conflicts.

Rumor has it she has recently managed to join the Scarlet Tiger's student council. But since she's not considered the top student of her class, that would be impossible?

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