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Scarlet Tiger class 5: Net


This devious and brilliant young man is at once the most respected and the most reviled of all the Scarlet Tigers. He understands strategy like no other and is always deceiving, cheating, or otherwise obtaining victories that should have been impossible to obtain. He is somewhat frustrated in his efforts to make plans for the Scarlet Tigers because his peers have annoying character traits like honor and personal opinions. People often think that he sucks as a warrior because he's scrawny and uses his brain. They're wrong. Owls may not be as glorious as eagles or hawks, but they're still predators with talons of their own.

Also known as the Cunning Tiger. alt text not provided

Nightmare Spring

She has an unusual ability that lets her punches not only hurt the body, but they can also erode the will and eat away braveness. Those she strikes in the heart will quickly find themselves overwhelmed by unexplainable terror. This unorthodox but effective method quickly endeared her to Owl, who made her somewhat of a second in command.

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