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Scarlet Tiger class 7: Three Stars

Limitless Seven

A most rare exception, this girl is the only person to be a high-ranking Scarlet Tiger who has never harmed anybody. She is a doctor who will save the lives of friend and enemy alike, for she feels all of mankind deserves her love. Nobody really knows the meaning behind her name.

Also known as the Merciful Tiger. alt text not provided

Iron Sage

The Iron Sage is a shy bookworm who can't stand the sight of blood. When she does have to fight, she does so with a brush she uses for classic Chinese calligraphy; one end can whip and lash, while the other can poke pressure points that stun the opponent without causing lasting harm.

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Lunar Song

No matter the crisis, Lunar Song is always a center of calmness. She was born blind but was taught by an old wandering master how to "see" with her ears, her nose, the sensation of the wind blowing past, and finally with her mind's eye itself. She is very peaceful for a Scarlet Tiger because chaos and quick movements somewhat reduce her ability to perceive the world, which she loathes to do. That shouldn't be mistaken as an inability to fight though - she will use as little movement as possible to end fights quickly and decisively, so that she can get back to doing more important things.

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