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Black Mirage
Aliases: None yet
Virtues: Mostly chivalrous Affiliation: Jade Dragon School, Black Sands Monastery Daily Life: Member of the basketball club

Archetype: Priest, D-Rank External: Black Sand Palm Internal: Iron Body Skill Legacy : None

Black Mirage is the daughter of the grand master of the Black Sands Monastery. She was brought up together with Black Oasis almost as siblings, and she's always looked up to her "older brother". In more recent years her admiration has turned to somewhat of a crush.

She's loves sports, is always cheerful, and uses daoist arts to help people by drawing out their hidden potential - sometimes without their permission. But that's ok. Black Mirage knows what's best for you. She also doesn't know the meaning of the word impossible. No challenge can compare to her spirit!

She shares a dorm room with Crimson Flash.

alt text not provided Theme song: Cloud Cult - Forces of the Unseen

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