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Black Oasis >>{{image url="" title="Black Oasis"}}>> Aliases: The Raging Dragon
Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School, Black Sands Monastery Daily Life: Unemployed

Archetype: Warrior, D-Rank External: Black Sand Palm Internal: Iron Body Skill Legacy : Raging Boar

At a young age, the monks told him to survive the desert. After a few days of terrible thirst he met a bandit who threatened to take his life, but who was actually a junior monk in disguise. The purpose of the test was to see if he was strong of will as well as strong in body. If he surrendered, he would fail. If he put up some resistance, he would pass. However, the monks did not know about the boy's Raging Boar Legacy, which makes him stronger the more he gets injured. The boy fought with amazing power... and killed the "bandit".

The monks did not blame him for this killing. He couldn't have known. But they did name him after the place where the incident occurred.

Black Oasis is silent and brooding. He usually likes to wear his baseball cap to hide his eyes but his childhood friend Black Mirage thinks he looks better without it, so she took it away from him.

He shares a dorm room with Claw of the Righteous Storm. Theme song: Two Steps From Hell - Birth of a Hero

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