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Inauspicious Ebon Spirit
Aliases: "That emo gloomcookie"
Virtues: Chivalrous Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: Unemployed, member of the "chayi" tea ceremony club.

Archetype: Scholar, D-Rank External: Subtle Hand Internal: Removing Concepts, Tranquil Waters Legacy : None

Inauspicious Ebon Spirit is a predictionist of the most unpopular kind: she specializes in bad news. Although very useful to people who wish to know which weak points to improve, she nevertheless remains an unwelcome sight at parties. This unpopularity, combined with her talent for a pessimistic outlook, has made her rather glum.

She is also one of the few people in the school who has glimpsed the forces moving behind the scenes. And it scared her into silence... for now.

She shares a dorm room with the quiet giant Strong Ox, and the two share many evenings together filled with awkward silences.

She knows more than you think... Theme song: The Flowbots - There's a War Going On for Your Mind

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