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Princess Magnificent
Aliases: The Golden Dragon
Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: Luxury, culture, and diplomacy. Member of the student council and the Jade Dragon tennis club.

Archetype: Courtier, D-Rank External: Great Ultimate Dragon Style Internal: Fire Sutra Legacy : Heaven Rains Wisdom

Princess Magnificent is a daughter of the emperor and one of his concubines. She's fabulously wealthy and retains several maids. She can be fiery passionate at times but usually adheres to strictly polite behavior and propriety, which has given her a reputation for being boring. Recently she has taken lessons on how to have fun from Howl of the Righteous Storm.

The princess does a lot of work behind the scenes as the school's diplomat, brokering deals with other schools and smoothing over ruffled feathers when one of her peers gets up to shenanigans again. She's also a very competent general, her Legacy gives her uncanny insight into battlefields and enemy strategies.

She shares an entire mansion built on top of the dorms with her ex-boyfriend Torrent of Serenity.

alt text not provided Theme song: Ip Man Soundtrack - Maestro

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