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Virtues: Mixed Affiliation: Jade Dragon School Daily Life: Aspiring young member of the Divine Soldiers

Archetype: Warrior, C-Rank External: Eight Legends Internal: Soul Reflection, God-Slaying Path Legacy : None, but she does bear the legendary God-Slayer sword.

The God-Slayer sword is an infamous and persistent presence throughout the history of Shen Zhou City. Many famous names have fallen to the blade that seems destined to be the final chapter of one legend after another. All great men fear it but none would dare try to destroy it, for the audacious few that tried sealed their own fates that way.

The girl that wields the sword today and shares its name is the scion of a small but somewhat important family, tasked with keeping the blade as an heirloom. The family as a whole is burdened by thousands of oaths never to take up arms against the emperor, various sects and clans, notable families, and other great people. In this way they are the "scabbard" of the blade, which is now wielded by hands unwilling to use it against the most important people of Shen Zhou.

The God-Slayer girl joined the Divine Soldiers somewhat by accident. Later she was also recruited by the Jade Dragon school to fight Thrice-Radiant Ping, who is becoming an infamous person indeed but who is not from a prestigious family protected by ancient oaths. She shares a dorm room with Fate.

alt text not provided Theme song: Asura's Wrath OST - In Your Belief

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