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Divine Soldiers

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  2. Disrespectful Ash
  3. Jet Reaver
  4. Scarlet Bladesmith
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Ash, Jet, and Scarlet make up a small group made of highly talented individuals available for hire to do detective work, retrieving stolen goods, and all manner of odd jobs. As is typical of such groups, the collateral damage they cause tends to outstrip their paychecks. They're always behind rent and deep in debt, despite their overqualified team members.

Disrespectful Ash

The brains of the team. Disrespectful Ash handles the contracts and paperwork. She also comes up with the team's strategies, which mostly rely on the fact that others might be richer, more numerous, stronger, faster, smarter, or even just plain better than the Divine Soldiers... but nobody is crazier than they are.

She earned her nickname after accidentally burning down a collection of ancient and irreplaceable scrolls with a carelessly tossed away cigarette. alt text not provided

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Jet Reaver

The brawn of the team. Jet Reaver is possibly the strongest person of her generation, but she never reached much fame because she spent much of her youth in America - possibly a dark and mysterious past with criminal activities and old enemies to come haunt her later, but she never talks about.

She earned her nickname during her first day back in Shen Zhou City, when she somehow wound up tangled with a renowned criminal arms dealer just as Ash and Scarlet were already on the job to hunt him down. As he was about the flee the country in a private jet, she leaped upwards and kicked off one of its wings. Then she picked up that wing and proceeded to wield it as a giant, jet-powered sword against the hundreds of mobster goons that came gunning after her.

Ever since that day the three become fast friends and had many more unreasonable adventures. alt text not provided

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Scarlet Bladesmith

The techie of the team. Scarlet Bladesmith started out wanting to make the perfect weapon, a dream she had inherited from her father. In time she realized that in order to know the perfect weapon, one must first know all there is about the use of weapons. She frequently creates all sorts of weapons and gadgets for the team. alt text not provided

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The team recently set their eyes on a potential new recruit, the young God-Slayer.

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