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White Turtle School

In the center of the northern district lies Snake Valley, a lush and densely forested place of natural beauty. There are only a few buildings here, most notably the White Turtle school, the major school of the north.

The Turtles have a long and violent history full of treachery. It's common saying amongst the students of the city that the turtles are like snakes, for they will promise one thing and do another. Of course the name of the valley and the fact that the school's most prominently taught martial art is Northern Snake style don't help much.

Last year the White Turtle school was devastated by fire from unknown causes and the school shut down for the year to rebuild, their students temporarily spread out over others. This year they proudly opened their doors again and seem to have turned over a new leaf, a clean slate for a freshly recreated and more noble White Turtle school. It might be a sincere change of heart, or it might be a clever ruse to set up their rivals for a trap. Time will tell.

As with all the major schools they have seven classes, each named after one of the constellations in their respective direction. Each class establishes their own strongest student, who becomes class representative. Together these seven strongest become the school's student council.

The classes and their most notable students are as follows.

1: Dipper Ghost Lord, Boundless Troubles

2: Ox Typhoon Turtle, Tempest Fairy

3: Girl Dancing Golden Cricket, Fierce Summer

4: Emptiness Drifting Clouded Autumn, Black Spiral Dancer, Twenty-Two Shadows

5: Rooftop Air-Slicer, Smiling Dog

6: Encampment Dark Cricket

7: Wall River Pearl, The Genius Serpent

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