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White Turtle class 2: Ox

Typhoon Turtle

As a child she once saw Iron Sun Radiant, back when she still was a bandit and called herself the Typhoon Dragon. The young girl was very impressed by what she saw and vowed to become as marvelous as her idol. Now, many years later, the Typhoon Turtle has become an incredibly talented athlete and master of Lightfoot techniques. She still looks up to Iron Sun Radiant... as a worthy rival to exceed.

Also known as the Racing Turtle. alt text not provided

Tempest Fairy

Tempest Fairy was once a bandit and part of the same gang as Iron Sun Radiant, called the Typhoon Dragon at the time, but she's now formed a new attachment to her "replacement", Typhoon Turtle. She is also the older sister of Dazzling Fairy. alt text not provided

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