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White Turtle class 1: Dipper

Ghost Lord

He is doomed to inherit the leadership of the Mao Shan Ghosts, an assassin clan he honestly doesn't like all that much. After his father died he successfully bargained with his second in command, the Harvester of Skulls, to allow him a few more years as a normal student, arguing that a more educated leader will benefit the clan in the long run. Now he wants to make the city as peaceful as he can in what little time he has, knowing that once he learns the forbidden techniques of his family it will damage his very soul, turning him into a remorseless murderer. Sometimes filial obligations just suck.

Also known as the Doomed Turtle and the White King. alt text not provided

Boundless Troubles

She is a magnet for disaster and misunderstanding, but nothing can put a dent in her plucky can-do spirit. alt text not provided

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