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The Shiny Alliance

  1. Overview
  2. Five Dragons Fight as One
  3. Dazzling Fairy
  4. Soaring Iron Phoenix
  5. Blue Water Dragon


This team started out when a young student named Fang started to wander the city and got into some unfortunate misunderstandings. But she managed to barely defeat her enemies and they somehow wound up becoming friends. They called themselves the Shiny Alliance for no other reason than that it sounded cool at the time.

Five Dragons Fight as One

This young lady is Fang and she has no talent for martial arts. Her teachers are Torrent of Serenity, Howl of the Righteous Storm, and Silver Shade - all of them are bad at the job. But Fang has stubborn perseverance and cobbled together a little fighting style of her own, but she mostly wins fights through luck, grit, and the benefits of having enjoyed a normal education. Even though her name in the martial arts community is officially Five Dragons Fight as One, she's more comfortable just calling herself Fang, her birth name. alt text not provided

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Dazzling Fairy

This passionate young firebrand is the younger sister of Tempest Fairy, but unlike her sister she practices martial arts that resemble fireworks more than anything. She has had three fights with Fang before relenting and becoming her friend, though she still calls her a rival. alt text not provided

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Soaring Iron Phoenix

When she is a few years older she will join the family business of the Heaven Sword Clan as a police officer. When she saw Fang and the Dazzling Fairy running amok she tried to intervene with her expert sword style. She managed to subdue Dazzling Fairy with a surprise attack but Fang refused to hand over her unconscious "friend", no matter how often she was cut. Not wanting to risk killing Fang and impressed by her spirit, Soaring Iron Phoenix admitted defeat and stuck around. alt text not provided

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Blue Water Dragon

This child-daoist of the Dragon Well Sect is never seen without her dragon-shaped raincoat on. She also has a pet dragon named Mister King... but surely that is just some sort of iguana? Blue Water Dragon has drank the water out of the Dragon Well, which granted her an immense boost in power when using her Dragon Palms kung fu. She nearly managed to defeat Fang when they came to blows after a miscommunication, but Mister King expressed its liking for Fang and the daoist understood that it was she who was in the wrong. alt text not provided

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