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Dragon Well Sect

Hidden away in a jungle-like forest and amongst ancient ruins is the Dragon Well Sect, a society of daoists who achieve peace and oneness with the universe through their studies. Nature is more primal in this forest. The plants quickly overgrow and smother the works of man and the animals grow larger and majestic - like something out of a fairytale. Deep in a sacred cave, heavily guarded of course, is the Dragon Well itself. The pure waters trickle slowly through the stone of an ancient mountain and past the heart-roots of enormous and vibrant trees. Drinking from these waters can invigorate the body and clear away toxins.

The Sect is the smallest of the Pillars in terms of how many members their have but they enjoy a lot of political influence. Their priests advise the emperor on spiritual matters and they provide him with a medicine based on the waters of their Well which grants him a long life blessed with good health.

The young Blue Water Dragon is a member of this sect.

Quiet Ocean

She is the best known Dragon Well member of the younger generation, infamous for meddling in other people's affairs. Without warning or invitation she calmly gets herself involved in a situation, washes away problems, and retreats like the ebbing tide. On the one hand she is admired for solving many troubles. On the other hand she's always butting in on other people's business. Nobody really knows what to make of her.

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