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White Turtle class 4: Emptiness

Drifting Clouded Autumn

She was trained together with her sister Fierce Summer by Lady Sky, the wife of Old Sky Lord. She practices martial styles that focus on being unpredictable, ungraspable, and consequently unstoppable.

She is also known as the Elusive Turtle. alt text not provided

Black Spiral Dancer

She is the somewhat psychotic cousin to Howl of the Righteous Storm, Claw of the Righteous Storm, and Storm-Heart. She also considers herself to be the girlfriend of Torrent of Serenity, despite his protests to the contrary. She fights with thin, sharp wires that can entangle and slice. alt text not provided Theme song: Vast - Pretty When You Cry

Twenty-Two Shadows

This German-born girl practices an exotic style of divination that relies on neither the stars nor the I Ching. Instead it uses a special deck of cards, particularly 22 major ones that symbolize various events and portents. Most people dismiss this as merely a foreign superstition but she insists that her methods work. alt text not provided

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