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Hell Clan

The Hell Clan is not really a true clan but more of a cooperation (some would say “ceasefire”) between powerful villains of the martial arts world for mutual benefit. They hold no lands, have no strongholds, and have no armies or students. They are an illegal alliance of outlaws who dwell in the shadows of the city, from black markets and back alleys to corporate boardrooms and corrupt government departments.

Although there’s not a true leader in the traditional sense the Clan does recognize the authority of the strongest amongst them. The number one is given the title of Dominion and the numbers two and three are known as Sky Lord and Earth Lord. For this reason the Hell Clan is sometimes also referred to as the Heaven-Earth Alliance.

The Hell Clan is mostly involved in the affairs of the adult portion of the martial arts world. They do have some token presence amongst the teenagers and young adults of the wulin, under the guidance of another Sky and Earth Lord. To tell the two apart it is customary to refer to them as either the “Old” Lord or the “Young” Lord, but in most cases it’s clear from context which one is meant. There is no Young Dominion though – there can be only one person deserving of that title.

Besides their core members the Hell Clan also has relations with many shady figures of the underworld, such as Black Razor Scalpel, the Dead Water Spring demons, and the Mao Shan Ghosts.

Sky Lord

This young woman (the title is always “Lord” regardless of gender) is the daughter of Old Sky Lord. He pushed her unreasonably hard to train and grow stronger so that she could claim the Sky Lord position amongst the junior section of the Hell Clan. Although Sky Lord and his wife trained the four Seasons by granting them each a portion of their martial secrets, their daughter alone was privy to them all.

Now that she obtained this position it's not entirely clear to her what she's supposed to do with it. She doesn't have any devious schemes or plots for world domination of her own. She spends most of her time keeping the peace within the organization and indulging in her hobbies: gardening and eating chocolate.

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Earth Lord

He is a mysterious presence, masked and anonymous, his true appearance, name, and history all unknown. What is clear though from his actions is that he’s a doctor who engages in unethical experiments to further his own dark agenda, as well as his twisted sense of curiosity.

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He is the older brother of Howl of the Righteous Storm and Claw of the Righteous Storm. He came to the city a few years before they did where he studied under a certain teacher of the Small Forest Sect, Master Bright. He studied together with Master Calm and the two were like brothers.

Then one day his savage killing nature took over and he slew Master Bright. He fled the monastery and sought refuge with the Hell Clan. Now, years later, he's worked his way up to being Sky Lord’s second in command.

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