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Small Forest Sect

On a forested mountain in the far north-eastern sections of the city lies an old and simple stone monastery. It is the core of the Small Forest Sect, ancient order of martial monks who practice some of the hardest and most powerful fighting styles. They have many lesser monasteries throughout the city as well, particularly the north and the east sections. There are also many smaller sects which can trace their lineage back to the Small Forest Sect, such as the Black Sands monastery that trained Black Oasis and Black Mirage.

Traditionally Small Forest members are male, shave their heads, and eat only rice but the rules have been somewhat loosened in recent generations. Members typically join when they're still very young and receive strict tutoring from their senior students. Being Buddhists they don't tolerate revenge and doing evil but their martial practices are not just for show - they are quite willing to use force to protect the weak and make bullies see the error of their ways, whether that bully is a lowlife bandit or an unjust emperor.

Cracked Bell

This young prodigy earned her name after ringing a massive stone bell with such force that it broke. In terms of sheer muscular power she is nearly unmatched but she still lacks a lot of finesse and restraint. She learns kung fu at the monastery but also attends a mundane high school for the more general aspects of her education.

She is a friend of Blaze and is also on decent terms with Monkey Princess.

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