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White Turtle class 5: Rooftop


She practices kung fu based on music, playing deadly notes that scatter forth like a spray of knives.

Also known as the Singing Turtle and Steel-Wire Zifeng. alt text not provided

Smiling Dog

Depending on one's point of view, the Smiling Dog might be one of the strongest or the weakest members of the school. He is a cheater and a conman through and through. His martial arts are decent if a little unpolished, but he is satisfied with that. Even a mediocre fighter can win if the deck is stacked enough in his favor. If you never fight fair, you never have to lose!

He is hated by many people because of this attitude but nobody wants him as his enemy. He once won a duel against Drifting Clouded Autumn by kidnapping her sister Fierce Summer. He only told Autumn about this just minutes before their duel started and told her to take a dive, or else...

After that infamous incident nobody else wanted to test to limits of his depraved strategies.

alt text not provided

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