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Lofty Mountain Society

This faction of philosopher-warriors arose when a martial arts prodigy blended the Buddhist, strongly externally focused teachings of the Small Forest Sect with the Daoist understanding of the Taiji which he learned from the Dragon Well Sect. The resulting art was said to be without equal in the world.

Like all grand claims that was of course never quite true. In the past hundred years or so the status of the Society was known as the number 1 superpower in the wulin. Ironically this has tainted their strength because many new members are accepted out of a sense of pride rather than the prospect's suitability. Also, senior students must first be teachers before they can be called masters, so their personal ambitions caused them to sponsor many new students. All in all most of the new recruits don't have the talent or ethics to truly deserve a place in the Society. Bullies and losers openly display the colors of their membership and tarnish the Society's reputation every single day. Then again, one should take care to never jump to conclusions when meeting with a Lofty Mountain warrior. Even today there are still noble and capable martial artists amongst their ranks.

Dutiful Viper

This young woman was once a member of the White Turtle School. Her masters of the Society assumed she would be two-faced like so many other Turtles they'd seen, a snake in sheep's clothing. But she surprised them time and again with her unyielding sense of honor and her talent. In time they came to respect her and they acknowledged that of all the White Turtle's serpents they'd ever seen, she was the most dutiful of them all.

Perhaps she's even a little bit too dutiful. Her strict sense of honor also extends to her fellow Lofty Mountain Society peers, whom she holds to very high standards. She will scold any bully or lazy slacker she catches. And if she catches them a second time, she won't waste words and simply beat them to within an inch of their lives. Because there are so many people like that in the Society these days she's very unpopular and they call her Unreasonably Dutiful Viper behind her back. (Once, somebody dared to call her a joyless bitch with a stick up her ass. They still haven't found the body.)

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