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Black Crane School

In the middle of the southern district, where beautiful parks and lakes meet with comfortable city life, lies the Black Crane school. They have a long and illustrious history of being strong yet peaceful. It is somewhat ironic then that the troubles of the current generation seem to revolve all around the Black Cranes.

As with all the major schools they have seven classes, each named after one of the constellations in their respective direction. Each class establishes their own strongest student, who becomes class representative. Together these seven strongest become the school's student council.

The classes and their most notable students are as follows.

1: Well Ace of Hearts, Singing Crane

2: Ghost Corpse-Fire Witch, Kid Diablo Loco

3: Willow Uncaring Lei, Four Kicks Down

4: Star Iron Seraph, Eclipse, Red Star Dervish

5: Extended Net Golden Lion, Rain of Tranquility

6: Wings Sorrow of the Crestfallen, The Crow Chick

7: Chariot Thrice-Radiant Ping, Diamond Mantra, Sheguai

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