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Black Crane class 4: Star

Iron Seraph

He is the voice of reason amongst the Black Crane, a scion of the Jin Shen, and unfortunate object of affection of many teenage girls.

As a Crane, he opposes the current war but he is not so disloyal to his school that he would sabotage their efforts. He just wishes there were some way to come to a peaceful solution. As a Jin Shen he is technically a demon-hunter, although in practice that means he's received training to find people who use corrupting techniques and deal with them. He is greatly aided in this thanks to his All-Seeing Eye, a bloodline legacy that supposedly lets him see the workings of destiny itself.

He is slender and moves with grace, although he's also prone to brooding when things don't go his way (and they never do). Recently he picked up a technique that increases his power but it has the side effect of turning him into a girl whenever he draws upon it. This has significantly complicated his life even further.

Also known as the Sword Crane and the Black King. alt text not provided


She is of mixed Jin Shen/Heaven Sword heritage and she partially inherited both their legacies. Her blue eye possesses a limited form of the Jin Shen's All-Seeing Eye power, while the red one has a limited form of the Heaven Sword Clan's Unsurpassed Sight. The theme of dualities is further strengthened by her ambidextrous nature and she dual-wields swords, each one moving according to a different style of swordplay.

She is a distant cousin and childhood friend of Iron Seraph. She views him almost as a brother. A very hot, yummy brother who is not actually related by blood...

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Red Star Dervish

She divides her time between two worlds. On the one hand she is a Black Crane and a good friend of Iron Seraph. On the other hand she is also a member of the Six New Phantoms gang. This means she has enemies amongst a lot of powerful schools but also amongst the Dirty Ting school and the Rainbow Cake Bitches. She has a tough exterior and a heart of gold, but life is far too busy and interesting for poor Dervish.

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