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Black Crane class 1: Well

Ace of Hearts

Always ready to throw a stylish party or sit down for a game of chance, Ace of Hearts knows how to enjoy the good things in life. She is good friends with Red Star Dervish although she can get along with just about anybody really. She prefers not to get her hands dirty so she fights by throwing cards hard enough to punch through steel. (Those aces she keeps up her sleeve are purely for when there's trouble and not for cheating, no sirree!)

Also known as the Smiling Crane. alt text not provided

Singing Crane

This cold and distant girl is much more interested in music than people. Most people aren't worth her time unless they're also musician, in which case she accepts them as kindred spirits. She can play achingly sad-sounding pieces of music that would break your heart if you heard them... literally.

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