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Dirty Ting school

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  2. Gold Ting
  3. Silver Ting
  4. Copper Ting
  5. Iron Ting
  6. Alley Cat


The Ting school used to be a respected martial arts school. But their philosophy centered around the strong ruling over the weak and circumstances conspired to lead the student body to overthrow the teachers. The school degenerated into a husk of its former self, a hotbed of juvenile crime, a haven of anarchy. Strong fighters eventually overtook the school which ended up a just a concrete hive for various gang to call home. The once-honorable school soon enough became known as the "Dirty" Tings.

Recently the Dirty Tings showed a remarkable increase in martial skills, something possibly linked to the Wei Corporation. Theme song: Werid Al Yankovic - Young, Dumb and Ugly

Gold Ting

Gold Ting leads the largest faction of the Dirty Tings, nearly 40% of the entire student body. The Gold Ting gang enjoys entertainment, cheap thrills, alcohol, and parties above all things. They enjoy their power but do little with it other than to just amuse themselves.

Recently he joined the Jade Dragon School and finds it an interesting place full of fun challenges.

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Silver Ting

Silver Ting is the only female leader amongst the gangs, a position that's proven hard to maintain in such a criminal environment. Consequently, her gang is the most welcoming to all members, but also the hardest and the one least forgiving to mistakes. The Silver Tings are loyal to a fault and without mercy - and more than a little bit crazy. The Silver Tings make up about 30% of the school. alt text not provided

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Copper Ting

Copper Ting is the weakest fighter amongst all the gang leaders. Perhaps he's even the weakest fighter in the entire school. But he cheats. He cheats big and he cheats often. If it would make him win a fight, he'd take your baby sister hostage or he'd have people spread vile rumors about you. Copper Ting is weak. But Copper Ting never loses. His gang makes up about 25% of the school. alt text not provided

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Iron Ting

Iron Ting is unique in that he's not a former student of the Ting School at all - he's a teacher! He recognized the superior position of the students and joined their cause, as he truly believes in the philosophy of might making right. His faction is the smallest, only 5% of the Tings or so, but his followers are disciplined and unyielding. alt text not provided

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Alley Cat

This relatively minor thug is one of the new "Super Tings", delinquents somehow given power by the Wei Corporation for whatever reason. Alley Cat of course practices an acrobatic, raking cat-claw style and hangs out with a posse of likewise feline-themed Tings.

She was briefly kidnapped by the players and later released into the care of an old master who lives in the middle of nowhere. She trains hard every day to restore her chi to a powerful but more natural state. alt text not provided

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