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Bountiful Jade

Bountiful Jade is also known as "The Greatest Blade in the World" and "The Sword of God". She is the daughter of a very wealthy master of the Lofty Mountain Society, although she's not officially a member of that organization. Her vast riches and good fortune to be born into a high position are what gave her her name. But she was not satisfied to be merely the daughter of someone famous, so she instructed the Scarlet Bladesmith to create the "greatest sword of all time". After she rejected the first few designs, the Bladesmith sarcastically remarked that perhaps Jade would like a sword that is simply enormous? As it turned out, she was right.

Although she hardly needs the money, Bountiful Jade works as a mercenary to meet interesting people and get into good fights. Few people make use of her services, as the collateral damage of her sword is ridiculous.

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