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Yellow Emperor Noodles

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  2. Iron Brow Ren
  3. Dallying Dreadnought Bei


Not really a "gang" in the most traditional sense of the word. Yellow Emperor Noodles is a takeaway restaurant and delivery service to the best noodles in the city. They do employ a lot of couriers with a good amount of chi control though. They are famous in both the mundane and martial arts societies.

Iron Brow Ren

The owner and chef cook of Yellow Emperor Noodles. Cooking is his passion and he's always searching for ways to perfect the best noodles in town even further.

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Dallying Dreadnought Bei

She is a distant cousin of Iron Brow Ren and one of his elite noodle delivery people. She learned the ancient unarmed fighting style of her Bei family and supplemented it with playing at the videogame arcades. There she learned to heighten her reflexes beyond human capacity, to keep up with cheating nightmare mode AIs and the hardest difficulties of Dance Dance Revolution.

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