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Tie Shen Mountain school

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  3. Merciful Ghost
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The most northern martial school of Shen Zhou city lies high in the cold mountains, inaccessible by any normal means. Students are expected to brave the elements on a daily basis during their commute. This harsh attitude extends throughout the entire philosophy of the school - they teach the hard styles, focused on muscular strength, pain tolerance, and raw destructive power. There is little room for elegance or enlightenment in the curriculum.

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Lady Avici

The Avici hell is said to be the most terrible and eternal form of punishment, a realm of suffering from which one can never return. With that in mind it is for this reason that Lady Avici only rarely fights - her bloodline originated from the ancient master who created the Iron Buddha's Disapproval technique which makes it so that injuries she inflicts become much harder to heal, and she is not so cruel that she'd want to inflict everlasting injuries upon people. Nevertheless she remains a skilled and feared warrior, especially by those depraved enough to make her use her full power. She is from a good family and related to the Tie Shen Mountain's grandmaster, which is why her fellow students talk about her as if she's a noble-born lady. alt text not provided

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Merciful Ghost

The elusive Ghost is a grim vigilante whose idea of "mercy" means releasing miscreants from their sinful place in the world, praying that their reincarnation will have a better life. She has killed many criminals through the use of a rare style of kung fu that numbs pain, granting her victims a relatively peaceful death.
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Several years ago this girl met a hunting tiger in the wilds and had to fight it to save her own life. She succeeded in killing the beast, although not without taking a powerful hit from one of its paws, and she was named Tiger-Slayer in honor of this deed. The name was only meant to refer to the animal but quite a few Scarlet Tiger students took the name as an insult and sought her out to challenge her. She defeated them all, making the name a self-fulfilling prophecy. alt text not provided

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