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River and Lake

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Far in the west, at the edge of the city, lies the Great River and Lake School, surrounded by verdant nature. The school uniquely caters to the needs of students whose bodies have undergone animal-like transformations as a result of chi-induced mutations. They're sometimes disparaged as "The Zoo" or "The Catgirl School".

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Dissolute Fox

The tricky Dissolute Fox practices drunken boxing which perfectly suits her personality: she likes to be enigmatic almost as much as she likes to drink. She has uncanny powers of illusion and occasionally drops hints that she might be an actual fox-trickster spirit or a Yao-mutated fox that grew to resemble a human, rather than the other way around. But surely that's just her idea of a joke? alt text not provided

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Green Forest Zephyr

Zephyr is originally from Nippon City but grew up locally. She spends most of her time walking barefoot through the parks and woods surrounding her school. She rather dislikes urban environments. When fighting off intruders she calls forth violent storms with her giant fans and Dancing Sickle-Weasel kung fu. alt text not provided

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