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Peach Blossom Park school

  1. Overview
  2. Ebony Crab
  3. Passionless Poet
  4. Rampant Exorcist


This school is situated just across the road of one of the city's largest and most beautiful parks in the city, from which it gets the name. The atmosphere is lively and the school emphasizes cultural events, sports, and other outdoors, sunny things.

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Ebony Crab

Ebony Crab practices a hard, body-strengthening kung fu style that lets her shrug off blows that could kill a horse. She's somewhat of a leader figure in her school as the students regard her higher than her two peers. She has a sweet tooth though and has proven to be susceptible to bribes with strawberry parfaits. alt text not provided

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Passionless Poet

The Poet is a courtier who relies not only on words but her sexuality as well. She's fairly successful too because she is possibly one of the most skilled lovers in the city; more than a few men (and women) accept a night with her in exchange for agreeing to her demands. Unfortunately, the world has a very low regard for women who sleep with many in exchange for peaceful times. (But men who "conquer" a lot of girls and stab each other are seen as praiseworthy heroes. The double standard is not lost on Passionless Poet.) alt text not provided

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Rampant Exorcist

The Rampant Exorcist cleanses places of curses, ghosts, and other spiritual afflictions. Unfortunately her overzealous and clumsy nature often replaces that supernatural disaster with an entirely mundane one of her causing. Where she goes, fires, accidents, and slapstick comedy are sure to follow. alt text not provided

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