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Occident 270 school

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  2. Black Eagle
  3. Empire Crown Vanguard
  4. La Vie en Rose
  5. Limey Muffin
  6. Sandy Armitage
  7. White Bone Dirge


The Occident 270 school lies within "Yankee Town", a Western-style neighborhood full of expats from places like America, Europe, and Australia. The place is renowned for music, food, and architecture that appears slightly odd to the regular inhabitants of Shen Zhou City.

Students of this school are all children of foreign diplomats, businessmen, and similar walks of life. Consequently the school tends to be somewhat upper class.

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Black Eagle

Black Eagle is the daughter of a German fencer. Or maybe they're Austrian. The distinction isn't very clear to most people from Shen Zhou. Whatever the case, she's a firebrand eager to prove the worth of her European swordplay, which is quick and elegant. alt text not provided

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Empire Crown Vanguard

She's a British master of spears and polearms. Although she's a member of a prestigious knightly order of her kingdom she prefers to be laid back and take things easy. alt text not provided

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La Vie en Rose

A young French lady whose true skills lie in literature, poetry, and painting. When she does resort to violence she employs a double-headed axehead shaped like a stylized butterfly with sharpened wings on the end of a long chain. She calls this weapon her "flying guillotine". alt text not provided

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Limey Muffin

The refined and well-spoken Muffin is a diplomat's daughter and clearly is destined for the same career. She is the one who most often interacts with other schools and makes deals with them. alt text not provided Theme song: Read or Die OST - Bring All The Wisdom To Great Britain!

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Sandy Armitage

Sandy is a proud Californian girl who enjoys beaches and parties. She refuses to take on a nickname, insisting that people just ought to call her by her name. alt text not provided

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White Bone Dirge

The reclusive Dirge spends much of her time listening to sad, contemplative music. Truthfully she doesn't feel alive unless playing or listening to music. She's a pessimist who can somehow use her music to make her own expectations come true, particularly on other people. alt text not provided

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