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Glass Palace school

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The Glass Palace school was once known as the Arrow-Swarm Shrine, but a few years ago the school moved to a new building that's all sleek and modern, with lots of lights, glass walls, free Wi-Fi for the students, and other top notch facilities. Because of its luxury and the heavy use of the material, they named it the Glass Palace.

The school employs a dangerous tradition of testing its students by having them dodge an inhuman amount of arrows. Those who manage to survive graduate to the higher levels. Consequently, the school is rather small but does have a lot of hidden potential, powerful students who have yet to take the test.

Their old school... alt text not provided

... and the new. alt text not provided

Hell Raven

In the past, Hell Raven's family was shunned because they were thought to be demons. They had black wings and wielded fire that sickened those touched by it. In these modern times the truth is known: they are human but have a unique Legacy and kung fu style that corrupts chi and mutates the body to grow wings. And their fire is actually the result of some nuclear fission process that's still poorly understood. Consequently, Hell Raven is more shunned today than any of her ancestors ever were.

The Jade Dragon warrior Torrent of Serenity recently approached her and was unafraid of her radioactive nature. alt text not provided alt text not provided Theme Song: Xi-on - Nuclear Fusion

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Phantom Cherry Blossoms

This gentle and serious girl is an expert at both swordfighting and gardening. For some reason she seems to have an antagonistic relationship with the Di Yu Warden. alt text not provided Theme Song: Demetori - Ancient Temple

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Red Clouds

This girl, also sometimes called the Earth-Shaking Celestial, is without a doubt the most powerful fighter in the Glass Palace school (although Hell Raven is more feared). Besides being a very talented warrior she possesses an unusual ability which makes struck opponents "bleed" out some of their chi in the form of a scarlet mist. alt text not provided Theme Song: Iron Attack! - Wonderful Heaven

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