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Firebomb used to be a Dirty Ting until recently. He's noted with some worry that his subordinates were growing in power at an alarming rate, due to some project of the Wei Corporation. He had a bad feeling about the way things were changing for a long time when he met Yu Lien Qiong. The two fell in love and married soon after, semi-retiring from the martial arts world.

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Yu Lien Qiong

She was born under an ill star and was predicted to die young unless she got married. At the time she was only a young child and knew the equally young Torrent of Serenity. She asked him to marry her and he agreed, neither of them quite knowing what that meant. Years later it didn't quite work out like that of course. Through a chance encounter (actually subtly arranged by Torrent of Serenity) with Master Calm she got to know Firebomb, and her story ended happily ever after. For now.

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