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Carefree Snowy Fields school

  1. Overview
  2. All-Seeing Mantis
  3. Ink-Fire Panther
  4. White-Silver Maiden


The Carefree Snowy Fields started out centuries ago as a small unorthodox sect and has long promoted strict neutrality and distance from the politics and troubles of the world, a policy the school still retains today. They are a center of calm amidst all the wars and rivalries that rage around the city.

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All-Seeing Mantis

The brilliant but abrasive Mantis is a scholar who feels isolated and alienated because of her genius. She despises the "sheeple" who stumble through life without ever having a single original thought. alt text not provided

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Ink-Fire Panther

Panther has a series of unusual tattoos on her limbs that somehow magnify her chi, channeling them into jet-black flames which burn far hotter than any known other chi-generated fire. alt text not provided

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White-Silver Maiden

This somewhat naive but helpful and polite young lady is a distant relative of the Jade Dragon school's principal, Lady Sparrow. She once helped Silver Shade by teaching him some techniques of her White-Silver Swordplay style. alt text not provided

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