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Sith Empire

Feudal structure, hereditary emperor/empress but with some historic coups different dynastic periods existed. This is NOT the original Star Wars Sith of evil black-robed anti-Jedi. It's a religion and philosophy of personal strength, liberalism, social Darwinism. Military of clones with non-clone professionals as experts and officers. Large but inefficient due to personal goals prevailing over common good.

Core Worlds

Arc Primus An arid desert world. Holds the tomb of the first emperor, as well as the empire's foremost schools of philosophy. Also has a famous colosseum where highly ritualized martial arts and sports contests are held.

Coruscant The seat of government and the most important core world of them all. Coruscant is one giant city cover the entire planet, a whole world of domes, glittering spires, and deep shadowy alleys.

Creuss A sweltering jungle planet infested with bio-enhanced megafauna. Holds ancient Sith libraries with their greatest Gene-Science secrets, alchemical labs, and clone production facilities.

Hanamur This world was once the seat of power of a bygone Sith dynasty. It is a temperate world that has fallen far from its former glory. Its cities are decaying, a whole continent has been lost to pollution and another to the scars of war. Only the prince's private fortress-city still retains its beauty.

Jord A lava world, center of the empire's heavy industry. Massive refining systems dot the red glowing seas, creating heavy armor for the orbital shipyards overhead.

Lirta IV A sub-tropical worlds of jungle islands and ancient temples. A few mines for rare power crystals stand here. Unfortunately, space pirates frequently target the convoys. Some say they're privateers, hired by the Confederacy.

Mordai An ocean world, mostly agrarian. Floating platforms farm fish and edible species of kelp. A local population of aquatic humanoids tends to the farms, under the watchful eyes of ruthless Sith overseers.

Pressel Pressel was once a temperate world devoted to genetic research. But some terrible virus escaped from a secret lab. The planet was quarantined and eventually sterilized. It's still off-limits even today, on the off chance some traces of the deadly disease linger. But is that really all there is to it? What secrets remain buried here?

Saudor A warm world of seas, rocky islands, and marble temples. An ultra-orthodox Sith sect rules here. On this planet the very finest marble in the empire is found, perfect for creating looming statues of stern-faced rulers.

Tordarion The private garden world of the emperor. Besides incredible landscaping it's also one of the most secure planets in the galaxy and houses a few secret research labs for the emperor's personal pet projects.

Yazmee A polluted swamp world on the empire's border. It is a Hutt syndicate stronghold. The Hutts have an understanding with the empire: they're free to pursue whatever sordid business they want, so long as it's outside the borders. It's a safe haven for smugglers, bounty hunters, and privateers.

Star Confederacy

Loose alliance of independent worlds and mercantile NGO's. Small government, corporate democracy. Military is professional, supplemented with mercenaries, privateers, sabotage and bribery.

Core Worlds

Archon A junkyard world where cyborg scavengers and patchwork droids pick through debris and derelict spaceships, looking for any parts to recycle.

Dal Null Planet Dal Null was destroyed by the empire. Its inhabitants, a meerkat-like species of short humanoids, traded all they had with the confederacy for a massive space ark, a generation-ship that has been the new home of this species for the past 1000 years. The ship, also called Dal Null, is old and in dire need of repairs.

Emberia A luxury world of corporate consulates, financial enclaves, and executive resorts. The confederacy has no true central government, but Emberia comes close.

Kamdon A barren, volcanic world. It's also a reservation for the Jordians, magma-people who were forced to flee Jord when the sith empire began strip-mining their home.

Loth The local population of this temperate world undergoes a curious life cycle. Several times in their life, for up to a year at a time, they grow physically strong and quick, but also lose a lot of their higher reasoning abilities. Lothans make for popular mercenaries because of this, powerful grunts who are just smart enough to follow orders but not smart enough to have ambitions of their own, more like trained attack dogs than true colleagues. And when the Phase is over, they just go back home.

Muuat Muuat can most politely be called a "red light" planet. Anything goes on this world of vice.

Quann Through some unknown method, planet Quann is entangled with planet Tuum, which lies on the far side of the confederacy. Through this property non-living goods can be instantly transported from one planet to the other in specialized facilities. Even hyperspace ships can't promise the speed and security of the Quann/Tuum Bridge.

Stormpoint A rocky world with lots of grasslands and hot springs. The springs have amazing medical properties and many a spa resort lies on the planet. Unfortunately, some strange entity lies trapped within the planet core and it emits psychic murmurs and screams. Usually it's just an odd buzzing sense, a small price to pay for the incredible hot springs.

Umi An ocean world. Has a rivalry with Mordai for the title of "Galaxy's Best Seafood Producer" held annually.

Zaas Initial surveys of this humid world dismissed it as devoid of sentient life. This was wrong. A vast fungal colony grows here which is not only sentient but in fact ancient and highly intelligent. It has learned how to create special "envoys" out of humanoids, though it doesn't do so often. For one, it doesn't need that many envoys. And second, the humanoids would burn the planet clean if they ever thought it was a threat to them. Most often the confederacy brings it a humanoid criminal, condemned to death, offered to the fungus to become a new envoy. Zombification As A Service.

Galactic Republic

Democratic republic, similar to the original Star Wars republic. Military of volunteers and some light conscription in times of war. Capable but relatively small.

Core Worlds

Abyz The native Abyzhai people are bat-like humanoids, who live in underground tunnels and caverns, far below the desolate surface. Much of their homeworld has been transformed into a massive prison system. Aliens from all over the Republic are locked up deep underground. Even if they could somehow escape, they would find themselves miles underground in an utterly dark and unfamiliar territory. Outsiders may only come visit the planet's moon, which also serves as Central Processing, for any outsider ship which attempts to land on the planet is shot down to further prevent escape attempts.

Centauri Centauri Station orbits a gas giant. It was once a moon but has been converted into an enormous servicing platform, bristling with cranes, hangars, and refueling depots. It has become a major trade hub within the Republic.

Galvan The Galvan system lies closest to the Republic's borders with the Sith Empire. And so it has become their front line of defense. Planet Galvan IV holds a major military base. Space around Galvan is bristling with sensor buoys, interdiction stations, and cannon emplacements.

Io Myrth This is essentially a world of suburbs. Pleasant if generic houses, perfect temperate climate, and all conveniences one could want. Io Myrth is exceptional only in the way it's just perfectly nice.

Mehar Xull The Mehar people are extinct, lost to a senseless orbital bombardment. Their former homeworld is now an enormous monument to the folly of war and the need for diplomacy.

New Ulion This is the primary military base and training grounds of the Republic. Entire continents have been devoted to training exercises and live-action sims. You think you've got what it takes to become a Republic soldier? Then get your ass to New Ulion, recruit!

Ord Vong This relatively young colony world was founded by the confederacy, where it thrived. But then the colonists wanted more personal freedoms and a rift grew between them and their upper managers. In the end, the world rebelled and defected to the Republic.

Sakula A beautiful world of cherry blossom trees and rock gardens the size of a city. In the high mountains, monasteries. In the flat grasslands, simple villages and royal cities.

Wellon The festival planet. The night skies light up with a naturally occurring fireworks-like effect. Every night there's a parade and great outdoors celebrations. The locals dance and party until sunrise. During the day, droids clean up and get things ready for the next night. A huge number of tourists keeps this improbable system running.

Xehan The War-World of the Mandalorians. Borders with the Outer Regions, the wild frontier where the Mandolorians test themselves against hostile powers, pirates, and hostile megafauna.

Technocratic Union

Techno-communist worlds, droids and AI experts do most of the work and governing, leaving organics to pursue a life of happiness. In theory. Droid military, enormous in size but most of it mass produced and relatively simple.

Core Worlds

Arnor A pastoral farm world, ruled by kings and dukes. The common people are serfs and toil in the fields. Such a feudal structure doesn't fit well with the Union, but their food output is so essential that certain liberties have been granted to the local rulers.

Beresk Tau The Union recently conquered this important trade world, taking it from the Sith Empire. Wrecks and debris from the battle dot the landscape and hang in orbit, so dense that they form a hazard to the transport ships. Cleaning efforts are underway but Sith saboteurs keep a lot of manpower and resources focused elsewhere.

Faarwa This moon has been converted into a space station. It's the central Union headquarters for their police and various other enforcement agencies, as well as training academy, a prison, and main fleet yards of the border patrol.

Lazar This world is a a desert of white powdery sand. Great white domes and connecting tubes spread over the landscape, forming enormous plasteel networks. Inside these domed cities and workshops, the Union engages in its most cutting edge research. As a gesture of good faith they invited a Republic science delegation to co-operate on various programs. Unfortunately, espionage and office politics have ruined many promising projects.

Makyr This is the Union's central holonet hub. All manner of entertainment and propaganda are planned, produced, and broadcast from here. Their production values are so high that the lighter entertainment holoshows are popular far and wide, even in the other great factions. A fact of some concern to their leaders.

Nar Umbra After the loss of Vulper II (see below), Nar Umbra was hastily converted to a new place of central government. The place is crawling with bureaucrats, droids, and computer scientists. The new World-Brain is not yet online. But it will, soon...

Revulon This is a world of leisure and art. Glittering museums stand besides sun-bathed parks and stately opera halls. The Union's leadership is not especially artistic, but it does recognize that humanoids need a place relax and enjoy cultural experiences every now and then. Part of the entertainment here is outsourced to the Star Confederacy.

Tequ'ran This mineral-rich planet follows an erratic orbit. The local species, the Tequu, slowly adapt their physiology along with the changing seasons. Sometimes clever, sometimes swift, sometimes strong, all depending on their current climate. Outside of their homeworld they are most frequently encountered in fully sealed environmental suits, with a precisely regulated atmosphere to bring about the traits their work requires.

Vulper II This world was once the rival of Coruscant in terms of splendor and importance. A planet-sized city which housed the Union's World-Brain, the central thinker which planned all policy, strategy, and management. But one day the sun quite unexpectedly went nova. This world is now an empty husk, covered in a mile-high shell of molten slag. And yet rumors persist that deep underground, in secret bunkers and forgotten vaults, survivors remain.

Wren A tropical world, inhabited by Wreklak, an insectoid species with a hive mind. Their culture of order and common ownership makes them a pillar of the Union.